mardi 10 mai 2016

In Fair Verona zine

Every once in a while, there is a zine that really hits you in the face and it takes all your willpower not to keep it. Or it gets the creative juices running and you just want to follow that shining ball (as MAM calls it) and not look back? This zine is one of these.

YES. We made a zine for Emily set In Fair Verona. The story of Romeo and Juliet never looked so cool (except maybe for Baz Luhrman's movie and the other Romeo and Juliet zine made by Karen and Julia). Katie, Julia and I asked Karen to participate with us.

I had so much fun finding imagery for this zine. This is one of my favorite plays (and movies) of all time, so I was honoured to be included. The pages above are all by me and below, I just added to Julia's base.

The postcard below comes from Firenze (Florence), Italy where I bought it in 2013. I love that the names are switched in Italian.

And then the fun part was finding interesting phrases to illustrate. For the right page, I played off Karen's excellent left page.

The hard part was stopping myself from filling all of the pages. Cheers to the Zine Squad and our inspired participants. I do so enjoy this project.

2 commentaires:

  1. LOVE your vibe with this one! Your pages really add a punchiness that I adore <3

  2. I'm loving reading the stories behind the making of pages. Thank you so much for the amazing zine, it is an absolute treasure to me! I adored the Baz Lurhman film and one of the first "dates" with my husband was seeing Romeo and Juliet live in the Botanical Gardens. <3


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