mercredi 24 janvier 2018

Book of Me an Awesome Ladies Project

For 2018, Kristin and the Awesome Ladies are inviting us to create our Book of Me. Each month there will be content added to the website as well as galleries and prompts. You can check it out here.

For the longest time, I wasn't sure what type of book I would use for mine. Did I want an art journal or a photo album? A Traveller's Notebook or an altered book? I was stumped until I remembered this book that my friend Molly gave to me:

It's an archeology textbook from the 1980s. the size is just right, 5 x 7 more or less. The pages are nice and sturdy. I'll have to take a couple out (maybe) but we'll see how it goes.

I used a photo that was an outtake from my 21 Secrets self-portrait workshop. It's printed on vellum and I love that you can see the title of the book through it.

I've got lots to say here. 2017 was a year of growth and transition and learning A LOT about what I want and need and what I am willing to accept. So I am happy to have a place for it all in 2018.

 I hope you'll join us and document your stories!

lundi 22 janvier 2018

Wolf Women Art || 02

It's Monday so here is the second instalment of the Wolf Women Art collab I am doing with Ana.  Please take a look at the pages she made here. This week we are addressing the story of Bluebeard, aka the Predator. This fairytale is one of the ones that scared me the most as a child. The blood that wouldn't disappear from the key...I found that so chilling! It was an interesting process to revisit it as an adult and in the light of recent experiences in my life.

Here is my spread:

I think this is what hurts the most: when the person who preys on you is someone from your circle of friends. When the offering of one's heart, time and experience leads to a complete taking over of your world and then a throwing away of your part in it. 

The woman below represents me: the steps I have taken to create boundaries and to protect myself.

I am much more wary now. I don't carry my heart on my sleeve as much, I don't open up as quickly. I have learned that to do that is to potentially invite destructive influences.

The keys are claimed as my own. They are the keys to knowledge and to my power.

This spread comes as I revisited the themes from my own Rituals class. This first one, for the January's solar spread, expresses my feelings at the start of this new year, with the tools and experience gathered from last year.

The dreamcatcher opens onto the second part of this spread.

I love that you can see the figure on the other side.

This sentiment completes the ''I am poised'' idea (or ''I am pissed'' as most have read it !).

 I had a blast making this spread using tissue paper, a napkin and the Cavallini and co skeleton paper.

I also reevisited the lunar spread, casting out some elements that are no longer serving me or are a hindrance to my healing, eating up my time for no reason or just generally not welcome anymore.

I have no time to waste on these things! So I cast them out!

Thanks for coming by.

mardi 16 janvier 2018

The Check Yourself Zine

The Zine Squad enlisted Cindy and we zined Debbie! Julia had wanted for a long time to do a zine on women's health and Debbie was the perfect recipient for it. And since Debbie and Cindy get along so well, this came together really nicely.

The theme was women's health and so I did the page on the left based on breast self-examination. The paper I used is filled with drawings of sewing notions and such. I wrote "women's work" because I feel that term has been used to much to dismiss women's issues as hysterics or nervous ailments when there is much more there. I would like to see a shift in that expression's meaning.

My double spread is all about choice and the necessity of having comprehensive health care available to women of all ages and in all situatons wherever they live. No matter what they decide, all possible services should be available to all women.

And finally, I did the page on the left here because I am definitley anti-gun and I can't even fathom that it is so easy to get one in certain areas of the US whereas getting an abortion, which is a right just like owning a damn gun is, is super complicated and policed. That makes me angry.

Please check out everyone's pages: Julia, Katie, Cindy and Debbie.

Since I was the one to make the zine base, I brought it with me to the Great Wall. I believe in bringing art to places of power and I was glad to have this opportunity. Many Chinese looked at me funny when they saw the picture which is even better :)

lundi 15 janvier 2018

Wolf Women Art || a new collaboration

A couple of weeks ago, I shared this spread from my Season of Nature journal that was based on Clarissa Pinkola Este's Women Who Run with the Wolves. 

Singing over the bones is one of the first steps to reclaiming the Wild Woman archetype according to the author. Immediately, Ana wrote to me and we started discussing the book and the elements that moved us and she suggested we do an art journaling collaboration where we explore the archetypes and stories from the book.

I have decided not to do physical collabs for 2018 (too many stressful trips to the post office in 2017) - Zinesquad excepted of course - so I was really happy when Ana was ok with each of us exploring these themes within our own journals, bouncing off ideas and sharing our process together and then sharing our pages every two weeks.

I have been feeling the need for a space, a journal, to explore some of the elements coming through from the Rituals class. I have been inspired by what everyone has shared in the class and it stirred some emotions that I wanted to explore just for me. I have also been feeling quite a shift happening within me and where I want to take my art. So this journal will be my Wolf Women Art journal; a hybrid Rituals/WWRWW/personnal growth explorations journal.

I am absolutely thrilled by it. Here is my first spread.

First of all, I am back in a Moleskine (A4 or 81/2 x 11) and it feels great! Secondly, this is really just for me, not for a creative team, not an answer to a prompt, but deepening my practice through the whole idea behind Rituals... approaching my art journaling as such. I am super grateful to Ana for creating this spark.

This first spread illustrates La Loba/ La Que Sabe (the Wolf Woman/the Woman Who Knows). This woman sings over the bones, meaning she sings herself to life, she creates herself, she consciously decides to bring forth all parts of herself.

This has definitely been a big part of my growth process last year, one that I am still embarking on this year. I spent lots of time on this spread. I stitched (which is super meditative for me). I let it dry and came back to it. I didn't hurry, I let it emerge.

I delved into some symbols that have been calling me and that I haven't explored since Totems.

The Wheel of the Year made an appearance as well as the butterfly, my symbol for change and growth.

And this one. How I love her.

The ink pooled and her breasts appeared and I knew that I was singing over my bones but that she would dance. Dance at being found again, Dance at being freed. Dance at being seen.

Thank you for listening to my song and reading this. I hope this inspires you to read the book or apply its teachings. At the very least, I hope it inspires you to make some art just for you!

Please head over to Ana's website and see what she has made for this first week of Wolf Women Art.

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