lundi 22 mai 2017

100 Days of Listening to the Dead | 1-20

I am so into this year's 100 Day Project. I am using vintage photos from my collection to illustrate the voices of the Dead from Spoon River Anthology by Edgar Lee Masters. I love the process; I love the result. You can see these on Instagram under #100daysoflisteningtothedead. Here are the first 20:

mercredi 17 mai 2017

Lunacy phases | a flip through

A big thank you to my daughter Lausanne for actually flipping the pages while I filmed :)

Here is the flip through for the Maiden:


And the Mother:


And finally the Crone:


Be sure to check out Robyn's pages too. Thanks for coming by!

lundi 15 mai 2017

Seoul travel journal

Here is a look at my Seoul travel journal. Usually I complete it ASAP, but the loss of my rings totally took any fun away from doing this. I got back to it in Saturday and finished it. I enjoyed this format a lot. I'm thinking I might have to explore the Traveller's Notebook world.

I had big plans and ideas for this watercolour paper insert I made, but they got derailed. I may go back eventually, but right now I don't really feel like working on it.

samedi 13 mai 2017

Get Messy Season of Contrast | 06

So we've come to the last week of the Season of Contrast. And what a Season! In my real life there have been great highs and a couple of deep lows. So interesting how this came about. Here are this week's offerings:

This first one called 'Fractured' explores the idea of not being too rigid in my art. I kept it minimal and simple but poignant. Still thinking about my rings when I made it.

I've already mentioned how I'm the Chariot and when something knocks me down, I go deep down. Well, after all my hard work and my transformation (I lost 17 pounds), last week a woman congratulated me for being pregnant. In from of my husband (who when he saw my face feared for her life i'm sure). I am most certainly not pregnant. It brought me down even more. "Conversations with old demons" is the result.

This comment is one I get a lot, but I really thought that after losing all that weight I wouldn't get asked that anymore. UGH. It made want to go back to my old ways and drown that emotion in food. Which I did for a couple of days.

But then I remembered all that path I've waled down since January. I remembered why I started and I was able to get myself out of that funk.

You'd think it would get easier....The paper weaving tutorial by Ashley was really cool.

And my final spread of the Season is called "Porcelain Dolls with Steel Bodies". In the spirit of Frida, I wanted to address that hard things can happen to us and we are not as fragile as we may believe.

I love how I went from spray paint to collage in this Season.

I used some mists here and I love the dimensions they add.

I hope you enjoyed this Season and it brought you to some interesting places. I know it did for me. This was for sure one of my top five Seasons. I'm going to use the break to work on some collaboration journals and some secret projects.


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